Bluewire is a Bluetooth 4.0 headset designed to let the user record up to 1,000 hours worth of calls. The device will record both sides of a user’s conversation, is wireless charging-enabled and offers extra functionality including a built in flashlight and “find my phone” feature.

The headset, which sports an ordinary looking black plastic design, packs 16 GB onboard storage, which is used to locally store recordings from your smartphone, as well as VOIP services like Skype from smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth-equipped computers. Once a call has been recorded, users can tap the accessory on the back of an NFC-enabled smartphone to transfer over the most recent recording.

Alternatively, the audio can be played over Bluetooth on the connected smartphone’s Bluewire app for iOS and Android, without physically transferring the files. While the device works as a fully functional Bluetooth headset, it’s still possible to take advantage of the recording features without having to make the switch from other audio gear.

Providing the accessory is paired and in range (33 ft or 10 m), it will still automatically record conversations, even if you’re using a different headset or car's hands-free system. If you're not wearing the device, it clips into a case, making it a more convenient shape for carrying around.

The ability to record voice calls may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but it could have some significant benefits, particularly when it comes to info-heavy business calls. It’s a lot more convenient than scrambling around trying to find a pen to write down details.

You will, however, want to look into the legality of recording calls in various locales before throwing down for a device like the Bluewire. For example, in several US states (including California), all parties need to agree to being recorded.

Back to the accessory itself, it sports a built-in flashlight, and you can use it to locate your phone, and visa versa. Simply shake the accessory to set off the connected smartphone’s ringer, or press the in-app “Find Bluewire” button to set off an alarm on the accessory itself. It comes with a ring to allow users to attach it to their keys, further increasing its “find me” usefulness.

Additionally, the device offers a burglar alarm mode, activated via the companion app. When you attach it to a door and switch on the Guard mode, an alarm will be set of if anyone tries to enter.

Bluewire also lets you record voice memos up to five minutes in length, and it's Qi wireless charging enabled.

Taking all of the above into consideration, the Bluewire Bluetooth headset does seem to have a fair bit going for it, but there is one caveat. The product is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign, meaning you can’t actually pick one up just yet. Luckily, it’s over halfway towards its US$40,000 goal with 30 days to go, so it’ll likely be successfully funded.

If you’re interested in owning a Bluewire, you can make a pledge over on Indiegogo now. The minimum pledge to get your hands on one is $149, and devices are expected to ship in July this year (just remember to take "expected" with many grains of salt when you're talking about crowdfunding).

You can check out the Bluewire crowdfunding pitch below.

Source: Indiegogo

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