Based on the R nineT roadster, BMW Motorrad's Concept Path 22 was created with the co-operation of renowned custom builder Roland Sands, artist Ornamental Conifer and famous board maker Mason Dryer. Initially built to spearhead BMW's presence at the Wheels & Waves meeting in France and currently on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the surfboard-hauling scrambled R nineT may well be the forerunner of a new model.

The R nineT is the last motorcycle in BMW’s line-up to retain the old 1,200 cc air/oil cooled boxer engine. It hasn't undergone any significant changes for Concept Path 22, apart from aesthetic touches like the cylinder head covers by Roland Sands Design. The scrambler-type Akrapovic exhausts constitute the only performance upgrade.

Work was instead focussed on creating a retro look, as evidenced by the conventional black Ohlins forks that replaced the S1000RR-derived gold inverted forks. The radial calipers of the R nineT have also been replaced by a pair of older Brmbo parts as well.

To complete the scrambler look, BMW designed a set of brand new milled aluminum wheels, with a larger 19-inch front that should benefit handling over rough ground. The tail section was shortened after removing the license plate structure and is now hosting a stitched tan leather saddle. The headlight gets a metal grid to protect the glass during off-road ventures and the standard clocks of the R nineT have been replaced by a digital Motogadget instrument, which, except for its minimalistic size, seems to go against the whole concept with its high-tech feel.

The star feature of the Concept Path 22 is the surfboard holder on the right-hand side of the motorcycle. The aluminum contraption was specifically made by BMW Motorrad for this concept bike, designed to adapt to different board sizes that secure in place with leather belts. It can be easily removed when not needed, although the part that attaches to the frame can fold discretely into the motorcycle’s silhouette.

The concept bike has received a special Wheels & Waves paintjob by the artist Ornamental Conifer, also known as Nicolai Sclater, and was equipped with two special boards designed by Mason Dryer of Dryer Brand. These include a 9’4 longboard and a 6’8 shortboard, both made exclusively for the Concept Path 22.

The name of the concept bike is a reference to a beach on the Atlantic coast of southern France that is infamous among surfers. As it is inaccessible to cars, the only way to get there involves walking along a path marked by the number 22 – or, as BMW conveniently suggests, a short ride on a board-carrying scrambler motorcycle.

Scramblers account for a large share in the custom craze sweeping the motorcycling world during the last few years. Triumph has met commercial success with its Bonneville-based Scrambler that’s been in production since 2006, although it was Ducati’s take on this theme that spurred worldwide recognition and led to record profits for the Italian company. Now rumors have it that several manufacturers will announce new scramblers at upcoming motorcycles shows: Triumph is expected to unveil a new, larger capacity liquid cooled Classic series that’ll probably include a new scrambler, Suzuki is said to be working on its own rendition based on the SFV 650, while BMW is rumored to be planning a scrambler adaptation of the R nineT.

"The Concept Path 22 is based on the BMW R nineT, which we see as the epitome of a custom bike. It is actually designed to be modified - customized according to individual preferences. The idea of a BMW scrambler is not new to us. Now seemed to be the right time to present our interpretation of this legendary vehicle concept," says Ola Stenegard, Head of BMW Motorrad Vehicle Design. That sounds almost like a teaser, doesn’t it?

In the following video BMW explains the inspiration behind Concept Path 22 and offers a chance to enjoy it in action.

Source: BMW Motorrad

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