Twisty roads through wooded forests, speed-optimized track laps, leisurely drives along the breezy coast – whatever your daily or weekend commute looks like, it might be the perfect subject for an HD video. BMW is making it easier to use the popular GoPro action camera to capture such driving moments. It has worked with GoPro to integrate camera control into its infotainment architecture.

In a move that it calls a "first ever," BMW is integrating GoPro control into its BMW Apps and Mini Connected systems by way of the GoPro iPhone app. The app pulls basic control from the GoPro hardware to the car's color display and iDrive controller. Drivers can mount a GoPro anywhere on the car, inside or out, and enjoy more intuitive control.

"GoPro is a natural fit for BMW enthusiast drivers," says Phil Johnston, head of BMW Group AppCenter USA. "The power and flexibility of the BMW Group App Integration Platform coupled with GoPro’s advanced camera technology brings new, safe, and engaging experiences to the enthusiasts that were previously not possible. When the camera is connected to the car, it allows GoPro’s app to present context-appropriate presets that allow the enthusiast to capture the perfect shot."

The driver can turn the camera on and off, start and stop recording, switch between video and photo modes, and select from six drive-specific camera modes: leisure driving facing out, night driving, sport driving facing out, drive camera facing in, winding road time lapse and straight road time lapse. The car's display shows the camera's battery life, remaining storage space and strength of its Wi-Fi connection. When the car is stopped, the screen displays a preview image, which the driver can use to reposition the camera for the best view.

Starting in July, BMW will be adding GoPro app compatibility to all 2012 and newer models with BMW Apps or Mini Connected. The app is designed for iPhone 4 and later and GoPro cameras equipped with Wi-Fi (Hero3+ and later). The iPhone, which is connected to the BMW by USB cable or snap-in adaptor, bridges the wirelessly connected GoPro and car's infotainment system. The updated GoPro app is available in the iTunes Store now.

Source: BMW

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