BMW wasn't fooling anybody when it uncovered the Concept 101 last year. Some manufacturers use concepts as a canvas for designers to explore the deepest, darkest corners of their minds, but the German manufacturer has always used them as precursors to production models. In keeping with that tradition, the Concept 101 has turned into the K1600 B.

The K1600 B is powered by the inline six from the K1600 GTL. With 118 kW (160 hp) of power and a handy 175 Nm (129 lb.ft) of torque on tap, BMW labeled it the lightest and narrowest six-cylinder ever mass produced for a liter-plus motorbike when it launched.

Compared to the practical, upright touring setup you'll find on the rest of the K1600 range, the Bagger has been given a much more stylish look. The rear frame is lower and sleeker, and the passenger seat has been dropped by 7 cm (2.75 in). Even the taillights have been given a "US-American" makeover.

The stretched and streamlined silhouette has carried over from the Concept 101, but BMW has dropped the wood-paneling for production.

As a bike designed to take on the long, undulating freeways of middle America, the K1600 B has plenty of kit to make the ride comfortable. The wind deflectors have been stretched further back, and the low-cut bagger windscreen is adjustable to make sure the rider doesn't have to face any annoying buffeting.

Adaptive damping has also been fitted as standard, and a reverse assist function makes it easier to maneuver the big, heavy bike in tight spaces. Interestingly, even though they're worlds apart, the Shift Assistant Pro system from the S1000RR (which allows riders to perform clutch-free shifts) has also been fitted, proving the superbike world can also benefit highway cruisers.

At the moment, there's no word on how much the K1600 B will cost when it goes on sale mid-2017.

Source: BMW

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