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Bodelin Launches ProPrompter for iPhone

Bodelin Launches ProPrompter f...
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April 15, 2009 After being swamped with requests at NAB 2008 to use the ProPrompter Pocket PC with an iPhone or iPod touch, Bodelin has done just that. It features landscape mode, smooth scrolling, seven speed levels with on the fly adjustment, unlimited script capacity, a wide variety of fonts and font sizes, and background colors, excellent readability in bright sunlight, looping, recue, mirroring for use with the ProPrompter in-lens teleprompter and an extensive help menu. ProPrompter software is expected to be available as a free download in the Apple App Store by NAB on April 20, and the aluminum ProPrompter Wing Mount costs US$130 to attach the iPhone to the tripod mount of any camera.

Made of high-grade aircraft aluminum, the ProPrompter Wing attaches to the tripod mount of any camera. You simply place your iPhone or iPod touch in a secure clip that holds it in landscape mode directly next to the lens. Stand back a few feet, looking only at the iPhone script, and it will appear as if you are looking at the lens. Increase the font size in the ProPrompter software settings, and you can easily read your script from as far back as 15 feet. The ProPrompter Wing with the mobility clip to hold your iPhone, iPod touch or Pocket PC retails for $129, but the NAB show special is US$99.

You can also use your iPhone or iPod touch with the award-winning in-the-lens mobile ProPrompter with a magnifier to make the iPhone screen appear twice its size. This new model is called the ProPrompter ProMag. Like all in-the-lens ProPrompters, the new ProPrompter ProMag comes with the ProPrompter patented hood, studio quality beam splitter glass, anti-reflection hood, iPhone/mobile device clip, ProPrompter software for iPhone (free download from the App Store) plus 1 year subscription to the ProPrompter Producer site, for unlimited script uploads and downloads, and packed in a custom military grade Storm Case. Retail is US$995, but NAB show special is US$695.You can also purchase a ProPrompter Wing with the new 7” LCD. ProPrompter software included and fits any camera with a tripod mount. Retails for US$495 and NAB show special of US$395.

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The ProPrompter app may have been free when it first came out but it is now $9.99 as of 3/13/2012.