A Boeing 747 jumbo jet has been designed to offer travelers a good night's sleep without the turbulence. After being grounded at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport back in November 2002, it has been transformed into the world's first Jumbo Hostel. In doing so, the retired airliner has become a significant landmark and tourist attraction at the Swedish Airport.

Sitting at the entrance of the airport, the Jumbo Hostel features several categories of rooms and provides an alternative to overnight airport accommodation. At the top of the list is the Cockpit Suite, where guests can sleep where pilots once traversed the skies. The suite is situated behind the pilot controls and includes two adjustable beds, a flatscreen TV, and a private bathroom with shower, all with panoramic views. The Jumbo Single ensuite room is equipped with a 3 foot (90 cm)-wide bed, suitable for the business traveler, whilst the Double "Black box suite" offers a more spacious alternative - it can accommodate small families, as being located in the far back of the plane, it boasts a larger amount of space.

Keeping in line with the classic hostel theme, the jumbo also hosts dormitory-style rooms, accommodating two or four people. The Private 1-2-3 rooms are suitable for up to three adults, without having to share with strangers.

Overall the Jumbo Hostel has tried to preserve as many original features as possible from the retired jet, and the upstairs lounge offers guests the experience of being on board the original aircraft. Even though you won't get to arrive at a new destination, the Jumbo Hostel offers an overnight stay in a kind of Boeing 747 time capsule. Dorm beds start from US$62 per night, and to feel like the captain of the plane, guests can book the Cockpit Suite for US$515 per night.

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