Seasoned travelers know the benefits of restricting luggage to carry-on, letting them smugly cruise past the suckers waiting at baggage claim at the end of a flight. But with the number of people going carry-on only, finding space in the overhead compartments can be a hassle. Boeing's new Space Bins overcome this problem, with each storing two more bags than the current bins.

To be offered as an optional feature on the new Next-Generation 737's and 737 MAX aircraft, the new Space Bins will stow six carry-on bags of the standard 9 x 14 x 22-in (23 x 36 x 56 cm) size. This will bring the bag-carrying capacity of aircraft including the 737-900ER and 737 MAX 9 up to 194, which is 62 more bags than the current pivot bins that were introduced in 2010 can handle.

Boeing says the new Space Bins are as easy to close as the pivot bins, but don't require an assist mechanism. They also feature a lower bin lip height to make them easier to load and increase visibility to the back of the bins.

The Space Bins can be retrofitted to existing Next-Generation 737s and will be introduced on new aircraft deliveries to Alaska Airlines when they become available from late 2015.

Source: Boeing