A year and a half ago, BomBoard introduced a prototype of what was billed as the world's first modular personal watercraft, weighing in at a total assembled weight of 150 lb (68 kg) and kicking out around 40 hp. The company took what it learned from that model and will be launching a new version with a larger engine and other upgrades, resulting in an almost entirely new and more powerful machine.

After extensive testing of the original prototype, the company has completely redesigned the machine with the only piece remaining from the original being the start/start/stop handlebar switch. The idea was to maximize the power-to-weight ratio, so the designers replaced the previous 250cc engine with a 450cc powerplant, and increased the capacity of the jet pump from 122mm to 140mm.

The hull was also completely redesigned with a change in deadrise from 15 degrees to 24 degrees. The company additionally switched hull construction materials, going from polypropylene plastic to a combination of aluminum castings, extrusions, stampings and stretched skin along with EPP foam and TPO thermoformed parts. This combination of materials is meant to keep hull weight down while maintaining overall durability.

Like the initial prototype, this new BomBoard will come in four pieces, the heaviest of which will contain that bigger engine and will weigh about 90 lb (41 kg). When assembled, the entire craft will weigh a very reasonable 165 lb (75 kg) and run 7 feet (213 cm) in length and just under 3 feet (90 cm) in width.

When disassembled, the Bomboard can be stored within a small space and be transported to the nearest lake, river or ocean beach in the back of a compact car. No trailer is required.

While small in size, the fully-assembled version will offer different riding positions including kneeling, standing or even go-cart-like sitting. Top speed is rated at 45 mph (72 kmh) with a rated 45 hp at 7,500 rpm.

Anders Stubkjaer, COO of Bomboard, said the design of this new version was the result of a competition the company conducted among former designers from the since-shuttered Eric Buell Racing. "By combining our new more powerful powertrain with our breakthrough hull construction we think we have the formula for a true thrill machine," said Stubkjaer.

The company is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help bring this next iteration of the BomBoard from prototype to market. It's raised just over US$79,000 toward its goal of $100,000 with about three weeks remaining in the campaign. The price of the new BomBoard will be $3,995, but there are still spots open in the campaign to reserve one for $2,995 with a $1,995 refundable down payment. The lowest-priced conventional jet ski is still going to set you back over $5,000, and that doesn't include a trailer.

Assuming all goes according to plans, the company expects to deliver BomBoards later in 2016 after full production testing is completed.

Here's the BomBoard in action.

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