The Boring Company was dreamt up by serial entrepreneur Elon Musk as a way of solving traffic woes, and the notoriously choked up highways of LA are among its very first targets. With a proof-of-concept tube already underway, The Boring Company has now expanded on its plans for the City of Angels, offering an idea of how a network of high-speed tunnels could take shape.

Musk first started talking about tunnels as a solution to traffic problems last December, and in the space of a year he's made some impressive strides. Earlier this year, he held "promising talks" with the mayor of LA about his tunnel network ideas, and then in October revealed that the company had begun boring its first tube beneath the city.

These tunnels would essentially function as fast freeways, where vehicles and passenger pods latch onto electric skates and get shuttled along at up to 150 mph (241 km/h). There would be on and off ramps every mile or so, each with a dedicated side tunnel to avoid logjams. These tunnels could also form part of a Hyperloop system over larger distances between cities.

While all of that remains a ways off, the company is making progress on its proof-of-concept tunnel. Photos shared by Musk in October showed a fully concreted tunnel complete with tracks and cables that he said at the time measured 500 ft (152.4 m) and within three of four months would stretch to around 2 mi (3.2 km).

In a new map shared by The Boring Company, this tunnel can be seen in red, running alongside the Interstate 405 highway between West LA and Inglewood. The company has filed an excavation permit application for this, which it calls Phase 1 proof-of-concept tunnel and says it would eventually measure 6.5 mi (10.4 km) in length.

This tube will be used for safety testing and demonstrations, but not for public transport until it had been ticked off by the local authorities and The Boring Company itself. The routes shown in blue are potential expansion options, though these are simply conceptual at this point. The company says it would develop these tunnels in collaboration with the authorities and will be seeking input from the general public on station locations and other system improvements.

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