Traveling alone can be very stressful. But adding children and all the luggage they need to that mix can be enough to send parents insane. The team at Born to Fly Baby is trying to make it a bit easier to travel with young kids by bundling a stowable stroller into a piece of carry-on luggage.

When it's all folded up, Born to Fly Baby looks like a regular hard carry-on case from the outside. It meets the international standards for carry-on luggage, and has a regular pop-up handle, like pretty much every other piece of baggage you see rolling through airport lounges. Born to Fly Baby says the stroller only adds around 1 kg (2.2 lb) to the total case weight, too.

The top of the case unzips and a multi-position stroller pops out to accommodate an infant. Parents of newborns will be pleased to know the baby capsule can be set to a snug, reclined position, although it can also be set to set upright and locked for toddlers who want to see the world around them.

"The best option for a trip that we could find on the market were strollers that fold down to a carry-on size… but then they just become something else that we need to carry or push in addition to all the bags," say company founders Benjamin Newman and Josie Stockdil.

"None of them folded with one hand well, despite being marketed that way. After looking for an alternative we realized that nothing good existed and we actually needed something. We gave up and thought it would be easier to just sit our baby Olive on our bags and later realized that it was a great idea."

The stroller isn't the only handy extra packed into the Born to Fly Baby case. A backup battery is included to charge phones and tablets, and there's a removable coin purse to stop loose change getting lost in transit. There's even a dirty-laundry organizer built in, ready to swallow up all the filthy nappies generated over the course of a trip.

Born to Fly Baby will be live on Kickstarter from November 7, where pledges will start at AU$299 (US$230). Should the product make it through its crowdfunding stage, deliveries are expected to start in December this year.

Check out the Born to Fly Baby in the video below.

Update Nov 7: The Born to Fly Baby Kickstarter campaign is now live.

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