As the number of music-lovers who find their collections bundled snugly into the confines of an iPod continues to grow, so too does the number of increasingly more powerful docking stations that appear on the market to play those tunes aloud. One of the latest additions to the party, the SoundDock 10, comes with a promise from Bose that it delivers quality sound from a minimalist package. The SoundDock 10 features a newly-designed subwoofer, audio input and video output as well as optional Bluetooth capability.

Following on from predecessors in the series, the remote-controlled SoundDock 10 features traditionally sleek Bose aesthetics and is compatible with virtually all click wheel iPods, iPod Touch and iPhones. As well as an audio input for connecting iPod Shuffles, other MP3 players and the like, included is a composite video output for viewing iPod video and photos through a TV. An optional Bluetooth receiver is available separately, and Bose states that by offering the potential to support other audio players via interchangeable docking, the device is “future-proofed”. A USB port facilitates software upgrades, yet can’t be engaged to sync or charge an iPod.

The "semi-portable" SoundDock 10, which measures 10 inches deep and weighs 19lbs, features a newly-designed subwoofer along with a pair of “Twiddler” transducers in the front of the system. The unit also incorporates a base suspension system so as to prevent hard disk scratching of the user’s iPod, and includes a new version of Bose’s waveguide technology offering what Bose says is “unparalleled audio performance without the need for complicated equipment”.

The SoundDock 10 is available now from Bose, retailing for approx. US$599, with the optional Bluetooth receiver priced at around US$149.

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