With the second generation of its all-in-one VideoWave HDTV-home theater combo, Bose has added a 55-inch model to join the 46-inch offering. Both the 46- and 55-inch VideoWave II systems now feature LED backlighting instead of the CCFL backlighting found in the original, with the larger rear surface area of the 55-inch model also enabling a slightly slimmer profile.

While the form factor is largely identical to the original VideoWave, the new units do get an aluminum-finish bezel, along with an updated click pad remote with aluminum finish buttons. Otherwise, things are pretty much the same, with the VideoWave II units boasting a 1080p resolution, 120 Hz panel up front, while at the rear, Bose’s waveguide technology directs the sound from the six woofers and its PhaseGuide sound radiator is mated to a seven-element speaker array.

These combine with Bose’s digital signal processing and its audio calibrating ADAPTiQ technology that automatically customizes the audio output to the room the unit is in witch the walls and ceiling used to bounce the soundwaves around the room. The end result is that the sound appears to be coming from all around the room without the use of a separate subwoofer of satellite speakers. As we said after hearing the original VideoWave in action, the effect is really quite impressive.

The VideoWave II models retains the same separate console unit to which up to six input devices, such as media streamers, Blu-Ray players, games consoles and satellite and cable boxes, can be connected. It is controlled via the click pad remote that uses an onscreen display that frames the onscreen image. As the remote operates using radio frequency technology rather than infrared, the console and the devices connected to it can be hidden away within a cabinet completely out of view.

Like before, the new units also come with an iPod dock for using the systems’ speakers for music playback with the screen displaying artist, song and playlist information. Once the music is pumping, the screen can be turned off.

The weight and dimensions of the 46-inch VideoWave II are identical to the original model – 97 lbs. (44 kg) and 44.3 x 26.4 x 6 inches (112.5 x 67 x 15.2 cm) – while the 55-inch model weighs in at 140 lbs. (63.5 kg) and measures 30.4 x 51.2 x 5.5 inches (77.2 x 130.1 x 43.2 cm). Both units are wall mountable and compatible with VESA wall brackets, but do come with a detachable table stand.

With delivery and setup included, the VideoWave II system is priced at US$4,999 and $5,999 in the U.S. for the 46-inch and 55-inch models respectively. In the U.K. the prices are £4,700 and £5,500, while in Australia they retail for AUD6,999 and AUD7,999.

Source: Bose

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