Hot on the heels of its flagship QC35 wireless headphones, Bose has launched a Bluetooth product for a much younger audience. Aimed at children eight and up, the Speaker Cube is a compact speaker designed to give curious kids a better understanding of how modern audio technology works.

In the interests of keeping things simple, the Speaker Cube can be assembled without any tools or special equipment – or mum and dad. Instructions come from an iOS application, which gives the child a basic understanding of how magnets and electromagnets work, as well as explaining how speakers and sound work.

The app even works to give users an understanding of different frequencies and waveforms, encouraging kids to dig for a deeper understanding of the basic concepts behind sound.

With this in mind, all the connectors are clearly labeled, and the internal pieces are more rugged than usual to withstand the harsh treatment from young hands. Meanwhile, the exterior look can be customized with eight different silhouette covers and different colored LED lighting that can be made to pulse with the beat of the music.

When it's all finished, you've got cuboid speaker measuring 4.75-in (12 cm) on each side and weighing 1.75 lb (794 g). Bose says the sound quality is match for its other products, and music can be played using Bluetooth or the 3.5 mm audio jack.

The speaker kit includes everything required – bar scissors and tape – and costs US$150. It is worth bearing in mind, however, the companion application is only compatible with Apple devices (iOS 8 and newer), although once it's built audio can be streamed from any Bluetooth 3.0 device.

Source: Bose

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