In the ProDesk3D, 3D printing outfit botObjects has come up with not only the first full color desktop 3D printer, but thanks to its anodized aluminum body, unquestionably one of the prettiest.

The company's goal was to think about how 3D printers might look in 5 years, aiming to put clear water between the ProDesk3D and its "kit-like contemporaries." To print in color, it uses a cartridge system capable of mixing five base colors of PLA.

Because botObjects also describes itself as a software company, it claims the ProDesk3D takes the pain out of software configuration, working straight out of the box and "understanding the composition" (which presumably means the file format of) your 3D computer models.

The ProDesk3D is capable of printing 3D objects down to 25-micometer detail.

Pricing and launch dates are yet to be announced, though Nanowerk reports that the price is likely to be in the same ballpark as other desktop 3D printers, and that botObjects will begin taking orders in June. The ProDesk3D can only really lay claim to being first full-color 3D printer if it's first to market, but it looks as if that will be the case.

One other question remains. Who is Bot, and to what does she or he object?

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