Never get caught short on coffee again. A Y Combinator startup is preparing to roll out a Wi-Fi-connected scale that sits under your coffee jar and orders freshly roasted beans to arrive just as your supply runs out.

You calibrate the Bottomless scale to the weight of your coffee jar or container, and it monitors your consumption, ordering fresh beans to arrive at the perfect time, with a warning a day or two beforehand so you can switch up beans if you want to

The service costs US$36 a year, including use of the scale, and the coffee costs roughly as much as it would at the supermarket, even with delivery factored in, starting at US$11.29 a bag. There's a bunch of different options, and the company says getting them straight from the roasters gets you fresher beans than pulling something off the shelf in the supermarket that may have sat there for a while.

You can look on this Seattle company as an example of everything that's wrong with the tech world, and the horrific laziness of connected living – or you can look at it as a smart way to keep your home stocked with consumables, given that there's little joy to be had in buying the same things over and over again.

Bottomless could easily expand its business model to take care of other things that run out – washing powder, toilet paper, milk, rice – but none of those carry a price tag worth taking a piece of, or the same kind of emotional weight people place on their morning stimulants. So coffee it is, for the moment. The company is accepting beta tester sign-ups now ahead of a wider rollout.

Source: Bottomless

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