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BRAVIA TV Stand with built-in 3.1ch surround, HDMI inputs

BRAVIA TV Stand with built-in ...
Sony's BRAVIA™ RHT-G500 Theatre TV stand
Sony's BRAVIA™ RHT-G500 Theatre TV stand
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Sony's BRAVIA™ RHT-G500 Theatre TV stand
Sony's BRAVIA™ RHT-G500 Theatre TV stand

August 6, 2008 Bringing a new spin to the term "functional furniture", Sony's BRAVIA™ Theatre TV stand (RHT-G500) integrates a 3.1-channel virtual surround sound system, three HDMI inputs, audio inputs for TV, DVD and Blu-ray Disc™, plus support for Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi... and it can all be controlled from a single remote.

Designed for use with 32-40 inch TVs, the unit also boasts green credentials - it consumes only 0.3W in Standby mode and the flame retardants of all cover/housing parts and the printed circuit boards are halogen-free.

The sound system consists of center, left and right speakers and a subwoofer and uses "S-Force PRO Front Surround", a technology that promises realistic surround sound without the need for rear speakers and therefore no wires to upset the system's clean lines.

The audio inputs cater for Blu-ray™ players or PLAYSTATION®3 and the three HDMI inputs and a monitor output complete the high-definition video experience. In-built wireless connectivity caters for Bluetooth® devices and Wi-Fi networks, while the modular digital media port and a "Portable Audio Enhancer" system enable playback from personal media devices.

Finally, the one-button BRAVIA™ Sync operation allows user-friendly control from a single remote. The system uses control signals carried on the HDMI connections and allows the Blu-ray player, TV and surround-sound to be fired-up simultaneously by simply pushing ‘play’.

No word yet from Sony on exact pricing and availability.

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