Driving under the influence is far from a rare occurrence, with an estimated 112 million people getting behind the wheel while over the limit in 2010 alone. Breathometer aims to lower that figure by providing a simple and convenient method of keeping track of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

The device connects to your phone via an audio jack and is compatible with iPhones and iPods running iOS5 and above, and Android devices running at least version 4 of the OS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Users will have to download a simple companion app, after which it's simply a case of blowing into the side of the device to receive your current BAC.

Breathometer will also keep track of your progress while sobering up, making sure that you've waited long enough before getting back behind the wheel. The design is fairly elegant, and its small size and sliding audio jack should make it a comfortable fit for both pockets and key chains.

The device has been in development for around six months, with deliveries expected to begin this summer (Northern Hemisphere) and prices starting at US$20. Despite having a full 32 days left on Indiegogo, the project has already passed the half-way point of its $25,000 funding goal.

People wishing to check their sobriety using their smartphone do have at least one other choice – the BreathalEyes app provides blood alcohol readings by detecting and measuring involuntary eye movements.

Check out the promotional video for Breathometer below.

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