When you compare it to the wreckage a drunk driver can cause, an inebriated cyclist mightn't seem all that great a threat. But in reality any road user with impaired judgement can wreak havoc through an ignored stop sign or traffic light, whatever their choice of ride. The Alcoho-Lock is aimed at preventing cyclists from hopping in the saddle when they've had one too many, working in much the same way as breath-test locks for drunk drivers.

Japanese cycling store Koowho has developed the Alcoho-Lock citing a lack of awareness around the dangers of drunk-biking. The circular lock is crafted from aluminum and measures 150 x 130 mm (5.9 x 5.2 in). Its built-in breathalyzer detects the user's alcohol concentration. If the level of intoxication is deemed unacceptable, then access is denied. Seems practical enough an idea, right? Well, this is where it gets a little unusual.

Koowho has developed an incriminating smartphone app that connects with the lock over Bluetooth and alerts a loved one of the user's drunken exploits. The partner is then left with the decision of whether or not to remotely unlock the bike from the comfort of the moral high ground, or consign them to a long and lonely walk home.

Getting drunken cyclists off the road is a nice sentiment, but having to blow into your locked up bike every time you want to use it certainly isn't. There's also the fact that it will carry a price tag of between US$240-$320, for which you could buy several high quality steel locks. Nonetheless, if you're looking for ways to curb your growing penchant for a late night booze cruise and don't mind your partner meddling with your peddlin', then the Alcoho-Lock is available for preorder via the source link below.

You can hear from the creator in the following video.

Source: Alcoho-Lock

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