When you think of Bridgestone, you probably think of tires. The fact is, though, the company also makes bicycles, golf equipment, and has tried its hand at motorcycles. Bridgestone designer Shungo Fujita decided to combine all three things in one stunning concept vehicle – a pedal-electric trike that can carry a set of golf clubs.

We spied the trike at the Tokyo Motor Show, where Fujita informed us that Bridgestone likes his concept so much, plans are in place to manufacture the vehicles as a means of transport for the athletes at Tokyo's 2020 Olympic village.

Does this mean a commercial production run could also be in the works? The trike is a little reminiscent of the Sinclair X-1, a partially-faired pedal-electric bike that was supposed to become commercially available a couple of years ago, but apparently never did.

Shungo was reluctant to discuss the trike's specs, although after some gentle prodding he told us that its electric assist motor is rated at 600 watts, giving the vehicle a top motor-assisted speed of 30 km/h (19 mph).

Here's to hoping that we might someday be able to buy one for ourselves!

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