It’s a cliche, but sometimes the simple ideas really can be the best, and a new umbrella dubbed “Brolly” reinforces this notion once again by offering an umbrella design which allows the user to keep a firm grip on the handle, while still leaving both thumbs free for texting.

Admittedly, Brolly doesn't boast the ability to entertain passers by with glitchy tones, nor does it radically re-invent the umbrella's classic form. But what it lacks in novelty, Brolly promises to make up for in utility, with a soft and ergonomic finger hole grip which makes use of all four fingers to keep a steady umbrella.

Assuming it works as well as advertised, Brolly could also potentially be a real boon for people who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and some other conditions which affect the hands, as it is claimed to reduce the amount of pressure needed in order to hold the handle firmly.

Brolly is offered in blue and black, and will set you back US$19.95.

The promo video below shows Brolly in action.

Source: Brollytime

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