BRP launches new ultra-light REV-XP platform for Ski-Doo

BRP launches new ultra-light REV-XP platform for Ski-Doo
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February 28, 2007 BRP has launched a new ultra-light REV-XP platform for its Ski-Doo snowmobiles which were already the lightest on the market. The new platform yields a snowmobile that is 10-15% lighter (about 50 lbs/23 kg) than its current REV-based models, while the chassis is 37% stronger. Every element of the platform was redesigned for lighter weight without compromising durability and the result is that the 2008 MX Z Adrenaline 600 H.O. SDI will weigh in at just 194 kilograms, compared to the 2007 model which weighs 217 kilograms with all other comparable machinery from competitors running between 220 and 242 kilograms. The new platform made its public debut last weekend as an Open Mod race sled at the WPSA Grand Prix de Valcourt sno-cross race, where it won both the Pro and Semi-Pro Open classes. Racing was a critical part of the development process, with Sno-cross racer Blair Morgan proclaiming, "the change is an even bigger one than the first REV platform.”

To enable consumers to experience the new platform first-hand, BRP is releasing a substantial fleet of pre-production REV-XP platform-based MX Z trail and Summit mountain sleds to its field sales staff. Both models are powered by the 151 horsepower Rotax 800R PowerT.E.K. engine. Consumers wanting to test drive the demonstration sleds should contact their nearest BRP dealer.

“BRP revolutionized the snowmobile industry five years ago with the introduction of the REV platform. We believe the REV-XP platform is an even greater step forward for the sport and want our customers to experience the thrill of test driving it,” said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, Snowmobiles, Watercraft, Sport boats and ATVs.

The REV-XP platform is new from skis to rear bumper. It has retained critical REV DNA, such as a driver-centered riding position, centralised mass, a pyramidal frame and a double A-arm front suspension, but only shares handlebar controls and Pilot skis. Everything else is new and improved.

With radical changes across the board, BRP has added enormous flexibility to the next-generation driver-centered riding position. There’s more legroom (8 in/20 cm) and a slightly higher seating position (1 in/2.5 cm). This will make the machines more comfortable for longer-legged or touring-style riders, and it will also allow performance-minded riders the ability to move further forward to assist in trail and mountain riding. The extra room was made possible by moving the jackshaft and secondary clutch above the tunnel.

Though full details on the 2008 Ski-Doo line-up won’t be released until next week, a preview of the new platform can be had here.

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