Bübi Bottle - a scrunchable container for drinks

Bübi Bottle - a scrunchable container for drinks
The Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
The Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
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The blue Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
The blue Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
The full Bübi Bottle range of colors
The full Bübi Bottle range of colors
The Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
The Bübi Bottle can be scrunched for storage and unscrunched when in use
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We're constantly being told to drink lots of fluids, but buying fresh bottled water is expensive and a waste of resources, and while reusable drink-flasks (or old plastic bottles) can be refilled, they take up space when not in use. The Bübi Bottle offers a simple-yet-elegant solution to the problem - it's scrunchable.

The energy used in manufacturing bottles is vast. Most then end up in trash cans rather than being recycled, adding more waste to the process. There are an estimated 200 billion bottles of water sold around the world annually and every little bit helps when it comes to putting a lid on this recent and unsustainable trend. That's why reusable water bottles are a good idea.

There are already reusable bottles on the market which can be rolled up when not being used (such as the Vapur) but they generally lack rigidity owing to the material they're manufactured out of. This can make drinking from one feel like you're sucking on a carrier bag - a pastime I personally try to avoid. The solution, as inventor of the Bübi Bottle Craig Madaus saw it, was to change the material of the bottle.

The Bübi Bottle is made out of high-grade, BPA-free silicone, making it great for holding any drink you care to pour into it. The insulating properties of silicone means it will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, at least for a period of time. It's also flexibile, meaning the strong-yet-supple Bübi Bottle comes into its own when not in use. It can be scrunched down to a fraction of its original size - with a ring keeping the body rolled up neatly - and placed in a bag until it's ready to be refilled.

The bottle measures 9.5 x 2.75 inches (24 x 7 cm), holds 22 oz and is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe (you need to remove the carabiner for the microwave).

The Bübi Bottle is available in nine colors and at US$29.99 it's far from the cheapest option available - but it is scrunchable.

The promo video below gives a very simple demonstration of the Bübi Bottle being scrunched up and unscrunched again.

Source: Bübi Bottle via Gizmodo

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If I have enough carrying capacity to carry my old pop bottle full I can carry it empty.
Brendan Dunphy
I have a plastic collapsible water bottle that collapses concertina-style from top to bottom when empty or part full. Cost around $3 a year ago so not sure what the extra cash is buying me here....
Mr Stiffy
@Slowburn - well said. But I find the pop bottles go "crunchy" after a while..... I can reuse them say 8 or 10 times and they start getting brittle and crackly.... This looks like it has an indefinite life span - almost. If it can in 2 versions, say a 600ml and a 1200ml or even a 2500ml version as well for the big trips... I think it would be a PRACTICAL product.
Platypus collapsible liquid bottles have been around for more than 10 years in various sizes, from .5l up to 4l. BPA-free and I suspect lighter than this (1 oz empty). Their Softbottle .5l and 1.0l sizes are something like $8 US. They can last for years, but will crack eventually.
Another useless product video that seems more interested in the music than showing any real features of the product.
Thanks, but I'll stick with my rigid Rubbermaid Refill and Reuse bottles, still going strong after years. Like Slowburn, I'm not so hard up for carrying space that an empty bottle is a bother. Flexible bottles and hydration bladders are always a pain to clean out. I also don't like the wide mouth, which leads to spills when drinking on the go. Not to mention the screw cap, which requires two hands when you want a drink.
I have used Concertina style collapsible bottles 30 years ago for storing color photo processing chemicals. These chemicals required evacuation of air (oxygen) to prevent premature degeneration.
So what is new?
Jim M
Just one cut or thorn and this bottle will need to be thrown out. Silicone is tough and flexible but does not like sharp and pointy things!
Jason Madaus
I have been using this, so have my children since they came out. They are so durable and work great. Love the bridge in the opening so you can put ice in it and yet nothing splashes up at you. We have had so many other water bottles, including the Under Armor ones and the first time they fall they get scratched up and multiple times we have had things break on them. Not this bottle, it has never failed us and is still in top notch shape. Not to mention that it is as clean as it was the day we got it since it is very easy to clean both by hand or in the dishwasher.
We use it for so much more than just drinking though, ice packs, heating packs, hot tea, laying my head on it as a warm pillow, mixing my protein shakes...really the list goes on and on.
Just bought four more for my wedding that is Saturday to give to some of the people because I know how handy they will be, especially for those that travel and do not want to buy all those un-earth friendly bottles from the stores that take up space in the landfills.