We've seen lots of innovative takes on luggage of late, such as the G-RO, Néit and TraxPack, but Bugaboo has been able to to approach it from a different angle to anyone else. The firm has drawn on its experience designing pushchairs with the aim of making an easy-rolling and convenient case called the Boxer.

You can certainly see the influence company's pushchair design heritage in the Boxer, for example with its four wheel configuration, its click-on/click-off actions and even its shape. Bugaboo is also keen to describe the Boxer as a "luggage system," rather than a suitcase, as it can be configured and used depending on what is required.

The Boxer comprises a chassis, or a frame, with wheels to which modular case compartments are attached. The compartments available include a large travel case, a smaller cabin case, including an inner bag that doubles as a daypack, and a laptop bag. The different modules can be snapped together or popped apart, for adaptability and easy access to different parts of the case depending on priority.

So-called "light push steering" is aimed at making the luggage smooth to maneuver. In common with many other pieces of luggage, it has two main wheels on which it can be tilted and pulled or pushed along. The Boxer also has two additional wheels, though, that can be folded out to create a four-wheel setup reminiscent of a pram.

Among the Boxer's other features are an elastic strap with which to secure coats, a click-on/click-off essentials holder that can be used to provide easy access to things like passports, and hooks to which other belongings can be attached.

The Boxer will be available from September 26 in the US and Europe, with prices starting at an arresting US$1,490, depending on the modules chosen.

The video below shows the Boxer in use.

Source: Bugaboo

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