Bugatti has partnered with watercraft maker Palmer Johnson to design a bespoke luxury yacht. Called Niniette, the carbon fiber yacht will be available in three models starting at 42 feet and features styling elements based loosely on classics from the Bugatti lineup. Prices start at a cool €2 million (US$2,176,700).

Niniette follows the 1930s Bugatti tradition of building racing boats and yachts and is based on the latest model series from Palmer Johnson. The name Niniette comes from Ettore Bugatti, founder of Bugatti, who used this as a pet name for his daughter Lidia. The Bugatti founder was known for using endearing pet names for everything he loved, including his yachts and cars.

The Niniette features a carbon fiber hull with a base shape from the Palmer Johnson SuperSport yacht series. Styling elements have been added as a nod to Bugatti classics – specifically, according to Bugatti's designers, the Type 57C Atalante and Type 41 Royale.

Further Bugatti references can be seen in the two-tone color scheme of the yacht, which has been used on Bugatti vehicles almost from the beginning up to and including the Veyron.

The Niniette is offered in three sizes – starting at 42 feet (13 m), designated the PJ42, 63 feet (19 m, PJ63) and 88 feet (27 m, PJ88). There are salons both above and below deck which are sized in proportion to the hull length. These can be outfitted according to the customer's wishes.

The SuperSport series from Palmer Johnson ranges from 35 meter hull lengths out to 72 meters, so the Bugatti variant is small by comparison, even at its largest size. The top speed for the smallest SuperSport is 30 knots whereas the top speed listed for the Bugatti Niniette is 38 knots (70 km/h). Powerplants are not listed for either yacht.

Production time for the Bugatti Niniette is about a year.

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