Lighting can make or break a room. Get it right and the room comes to life when the curtains are drawn. Get it wrong and the room can seem cold, dark and soulless. Novelty lamps can draw the eye, providing a focal point and conversation starter, and the Bulbing Lamps from Studio Cheha fit the bill perfectly.

Bulbing Lamps are essentially 3D optical illusion lamps. They feature a 2D LED light source, which appears to shine in three dimensions thanks to the use of an acrylic sheet laser-etched with angled lines. The light follows these etched lines, creating an illusion of depth as you would see with a wireframe lampshade.

The Bulbing range started off as just one lamp called the Bulbing Light. This is a giant 3D lightbulb that was funded through Kickstarter before being sold at both the New York MoMA Store and the Pompidou Centre Boutique in Paris. But Studio Cheha is back with three new designs that use the same technology to create 3D lamps from 2D materials.

The new designs are called DESKi, ZIGGi, and CLASSi. DESKi is an approximation of a desk lamp, ZIGGi resembles a reading lamp, and CLASSi simulates a bedside lamp. Each features an LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

These new Bulbing Lamps are currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, with Studio Cheha hoping to raise £15,000 (US$23,000) Each lamp is being offered as a reward for pledging around $70; the final price depending on when you pledge money.

The video below shows the Bulbing Lamps in operation.

Source: Studio Cheha

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