For law enforcement, or any job in which there's a real possibility of being shot at, bulletproof gear is incredibly important. A new product called the BulletSafe Bulletproof Hat aims to bring that sort of protection to the head, in a subtle fashion.

The hat is intended for situations where protection is needed but one doesn't want to look threatening. For example, an undercover police officer is not going to want to walk into an event in full body armor, and a low-profile hat that looks like any other baseball cap can offer a basic level of protection while still maintaining cover.

We've seen bulletproof protection in less obvious forms before, with a bulletproof polo shirt and a US$3.2 million suit.

Of course, the impact from a round is still going to do some damage, and comes well within the range of force that can cause a serious concussion. When compared to the damage caused by an unimpeded bullet, however, it could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

The hat starts with a base model in three different sizes. From there, the team modifies it to include a BulletSafe ballistic pad in the front two panels of the six-panel hat. The team expects that it can stop frontal impacts from handguns that use 9-mm, .40 and .38 caliber rounds.

This is not the first bulletproof device from BulletSafe, as the company has been making and selling bulletproof vests since 2013.

BulletSafe is seeking funding to bring its Bulletproof Hat to market on Kickstarter. It started with a modest goal of $3,500, and it has already surpassed that with almost a month left in its funding period. Backers interested in preordering a hat can do so for a minimum pledge of $99, with an expected delivery date in November 2015.

The Kickstarter pitch video below provides more information on the BulletSafe Bulletproof Hat.

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