Compared to the car world where they seem much more prevalent, you don't see an awful lot of body kits for motorcycles. But why not? Plenty of bikers want their ride to stand out from the crowd, and not everyone's got the time, cash or skills to go plan and build themselves a full custom.

That goes double for new riders, who are often among the most concerned with looks as well, since they have considerably more experience with looking at bikes than they do with riding them.

So I found this interesting and kind of cool. Turkey's Bunker Custom Cycles has gone and built a 17-piece aluminum body kit for Yamaha's MT-03 and MT-25 that also includes a nice replacement seat unit.

The kit, called the Janus, bolts on with a socket wrench and an Allen key, replacing the original Yamaha bodywork and tank cover in a process most anyone should be able to do.The resulting look is neo-retro-Euro cafe racer style, and the panels ship in unpainted metal so you can paint them up however suits you.

Are they an improvement on the stock MT03 (below)?

Well, personally, I think the bike is pretty nifty looking to begin with, and I'm more about the riding than the sitting and gazing. But it's certainly different, you won't run into many others on the road, and it's nice to be able to keep people guessing.

The kit ships for 4,600 Turkish lira (around US$1,120), and if you want to end up looking exactly like the bike in these pictures you'll also need to add fancy discs, LED indicators, an R&G tail tidy, a new headlight, exhaust and grips.

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