Whether you need to spread it, measure it or slice it, a new device is claiming to make the process of using butter simpler. The Butter Boss is described as being like a "Chapstick for your butter," gradually dispensing it for easy use.

On first glance, the idea may seem to be solving a problem that doesn't exist. Like the ButterUp knife that grates cold butter allowing users to spread it without ripping their bread, however, the Butter Boss seems increasingly compelling the more you think about it.

The device is essentially a plastic case into which the user loads their butter stick. There is a knob at one end that, when twisted, turns an internal spiral spoke. This, in turn, moves a plunger along the inside of the case and pushes the butter stick out of the other end.

So far, so seemingly unnecessary. It's only when you think about the simple uses for this that the benefits become apparent. For example, a transparent measuring cap that attaches to the end of the device allows users to easily produce precise amounts of butter for use in recipe or simply for portion control. Users can also apply butter evenly across a pan for cooking and can apply butter easily to bread products and other foods, such as corn.

The Butter Boss holds about 116 g (4 oz) of butter. If a butter stick is the wrong shape, it can be fed into the casing with a spatula at room temperature before being put into the fridge to reset.

The device is said to be made out of the same temperature-resistant material as cooking spatulas so it won't melt. It comes apart easily for cleaning and is dishwasher friendly too.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the Butter Boss is underway. At the time of writing, it's possible for backers who contribute from US$18 to receive a Butter Boss, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out. Shipping is expected to begin in August.

The video below is the (somewhat goofy) Kickstarter pitch for the Butter Boss.

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