C2Call: browser-based VOIP phone calls

C2Call: browser-based VOIP pho...
Browser based VoIP software
Browser based VoIP software
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Browser based VoIP software
Browser based VoIP software

April 11, 2008 C2Call has begun public beta testing of what's billed as the "world's true first browser based VoIP software" - a free Internet telephony service that works without installation in a process similar to using web-based email.

C2Call is a Java based browser applet that is loaded temporarily from the C2Call web page into your browser each time you use the service. It works with Windows, MAC and Linux, is simple to use as we discovered, and given that it doesn’t require any installation, the creators believe it potentially has much wider reach than the currently closed user group systems.

Any recent browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Mozilla Firefox or Safari on Windows Vista/XP, MAC OS-X or Linux are able to run C2Call - all you need is an Internet connection and mic/speaker or a headset.

Based on a similar concept to popular services like Skype, C2Call users can call anyone on the Internet. The registration process is as easy as deciding on a username and password, then opening a verification email and clicking on a link. To be able to link with friends or colleagues you need to invite them to the site once you have registered. Once you have added contacts you simply click their name to dial and chat via the web for free.

C2Call eventually plans to offer a premium service for calls to fixed line and mobile phones.

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