Having spent your hard earned on a Cadillac CT6, the thought of someone leaving a big scrape down the side and taking off without leaving a note is enough to cause nightmares. Rather than burdening the leather-lined dash with a cheap dashcam, Cadillac is using four inbuilt cameras as a surround-vision video recorder. Beware, Caddy Big Brother is watching.

Okay, so the George Orwell comparisons may be a little bit dramatic. Basically, the system uses four cameras – one mounted in the front grille, one on the rear trunk lid and one on each side mirror – to capture a 360-degree record of what's going on around the car. When the driver leaves the car and activates the security system, the cameras are switched on, recording footage when a disturbance is detected.

As well as being useful for catching parking bump-and-run crooks, Cadillac says the cameras can be used to record vision of a memorable drive. We're not sure family and friends would be breaking down the door to attend that particular slide night, but safety and evidence gathering in the event of an accident are sure to be the prime uses for the system.

Captured footage is stored on an SD card located in the boot, and owners can download the footage whenever required. The cameras are also used to aid in maneuvering by providing a 360-degree view around the car on the vehicle's CUE screen and form part of the CT6's lane keeping assist system. Another three cameras on the car are used for the Rear Camera Mirror, lane keeping assist and nightvision systems.

The recording system will be standard on CT6 Luxury, Premium Luxury and Platinum models.

Source: Cadillac

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