Bike builder Cake made a statement that was both loud and quiet when debuting its first model last year, unveiling an all-electric dirt bike packing a monstrous 15-kW motor within its frame. The Swedish startup is now turning its attention to tarmac with a modified version dubbed the Kalk&, which is still built to venture off-road but will be the company's first street-legal bike for the US and EU when it launches in the coming months.

Cake's first bike was a high-powered off-roader built to tackle mud and dirt at speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h). While technically a motorcycle, the original Kalk's geometry borrowed heavily from Enduro and downhill bikes, as did its suspension, components and handling.

That doesn't appear to have changed a great deal in the street-legal version, at least aesthetically, but Cake says its rolling chassis, components and drive train have been re-engineered from scratch for optimal performance. Performance-wise, that means its gearing has been tweaked and it will reach higher speeds to suit highway riding, in excess of 100 km/h (62 mph).

Technical details are very scarce beyond that, with more info on specs, pricing and availability to become available when sales commence in March 2019. It does, however, promise the new model will bridge the gap nicely for those looking to let loose in the countryside and then venture into the office on the same vehicle.

"Explore and commute, trail and street, clean and silent," says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake. "The benefits of the dual usability, combining sustainable and efficient commuting with backcountry exploration, are endless. Bringing a high performance, electric off-road bike to the market, and making it street legal, is an important step for us at Cake, inspiring people towards zero emission, combining responsibility and excitement. It's the perfect commuter tool, while serving its users with thrill and fun, during weekends and vacations."

Cake is also showing off the new model at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Colorado this week.

Source: Cake

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