Designer Christopher Daniel has conceptualized plans for this prefabricated house, which morphs and adapts according to its setting. Dubbed California Roll, the structure is best suited to a desert environment and incorporates a homogeneous exterior which reflects the sun's heat.

The snail-like building is held together with a carbon fiber truss frame, and features a hydraulic powered automatic door which open into two sections. The upper section opens up overhead, whilst the lower section unfolds onto the floor for easy access into the house. When the door is closed it continues the line of the exterior surface, contributing to the smooth lines of the building.

The modularized skylights and glass windows can be electronically controlled to change the level of transparency, depending on how much heat or sunlight you wish to let in. The interior design is left quite minimal, with open clean spaces and living zones only separated by bookshelves or curtain dividers.

Daniel's design is currently only a modular housing concept, but by the looks of the plans, it could get off the ground.

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