Callaway Cars previewed its AeroWagen Corvette shooting brake way back in 2013 before the C7 Corvette had even hit the market. It took a little longer to launch than originally planned, but now the AeroWagen is here and ready to give Corvette drivers a bit of extra luggage space.

When we published a look at the AeroWagen sneak preview, sentiments were somewhat polarized but leaned more toward "put it in my driveway now," with only a hint of "not a chance in hell" sprinkled in. Most commenters seemed to dig its combination of sportiness and added practicality. And now those folks that dig it enough finally have the chance to own it.

While the AeroWagen's stretched cabin is a dramatic visual departure, Callaway's package is fairly simple. It doesn't make any changes to the chassis or interior and even keeps the targa roof intact and operational.

The package is a part-for-part replacement for the original equipment rear hatch and relies on the same hinge, latch and seal hardware. The tempered safety rear window glass includes defogging hardware, and since the kit is essentially plug and play, the owner can choose to reinstall the standard factory hatch should the shooting brake life not work out so well.

Needless to say, the conversion doesn't put any additional seats under that heightened rear cabin. Callaway says the frame and running gear hinder that possibility, so it's a two-seater with extra cargo space in back.

The AeroWagen package is available for the full range of Corvette coupes, everything from your stock C7 to Callaway's own offerings, which include the 627-hp SC627 Stingray and Grand Sport models and the 757-hp SC757 Z06.

Callaway is still working out what the AeroWagen package means in terms of specific numbers: amount of additional cargo space, performance, etc. It does mention that there'll be a small expected drop in drag, but it has not specifically quantified that yet, either.

So basically, if you want all the growl and sporty looks of a C7 with space to haul all kinds of sports gear, tools and other cargo, the AeroWagon is now your go-to. It starts at US$14,990, and installation will be handled by Callaway's Connecticut and California shops, as well as by authorized Callaway dealers.

Source: Callaway

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