Chevrolet offered the first Corvette hatchback on the 1982 Collector Edition. This model and future Corvettes that repeated the hatchback feature added convenience and versatility to the sports coupe. Apparently Callaway doesn't feel that Chevy developed the hatchback enough over the past three decades and has broadened the hatchback on the new Corvette, creating a Corvette wagon.

Previous Callaway Corvette packages like the C16 focused more on performance and style, but the new AeroWagon makes utility its priority.

Callaway released a rendering last week but hasn't revealed the complete details of the package. It clearly pushes the roof line up, adding a bigger hatch and extra trunk space. The package uses carbon components and Callaway anticipates that it will create a 200 mph+ supercar with shooting brake proportions.

Callaway looks to gauge market reaction – which we can't imagine being overwhelmingly favorable – and begin building its packages once 2014 Corvette production gets underway later this year. The package will add around US$15,000 to the Corvette's sticker price and will be available through Callaway's nationwide dealership.

Love or hate the shooting brake, the 2014 Corvette does not strike us as the right vehicle for it. The extended roof clashes uncomfortably with the muscular fender-beltline. At the very least, the company should say the hell with visibility and let the roof line flow naturally into the rear fascia, rather than making a sharp downward plunge to support what we assume is a tiny rear windshield.

Source: Callaway