In a motoring world dominated by downsizing, it's easy to forget what forced induction used to be about: creating extra horsepower, fuel economy be damned. That's why long-running American tuning house Callaway has bolted a GenThree supercharger onto the Chevrolet Camaro's V8, and in the process given GM's pony car an extra injection of attitude.

The GenThree supercharger lurking under the SC610's hood is based on a package developed for the Chevrolet Corvette, and uses a 2300cc Eaton rotor pack to force air upwards. This lengthens the charge air path which, according to Callaway, creates extra power in an already powerful machine.

Because supercharging creates lots of extra heat, the Callaway package uses convective cooling to cool the air as it flows through the supercharger housing. This system is made more effective by extending that housing through the bonnet to expose it to the air rushing over the car.

All up, the motor produces 610 hp (449 kW), and a monstrous 827 Nm (610 ft-lb) of torque, channeled through a six speed manual or automatic gearbox. That's 155 hp (110 kW) more than the base Camaro SS produces.

Callaway has also fitted a larger intercooler to make sure the SC610 provides maximum power throughout a proper track session. Whether or not the Camaro's standard brakes can do the same remains to be seen.

Just in case you were worried your friends won't be suitably impressed when you lift the hood, there's special carbon fiber covers to the air intakes, a unique build plaque and a litany of badges scattered around the exterior.

One of the biggest fears people hold when tuning their cars is ruining their warranty, so Callaway will sell the car with a 3-year, 36,000-mile (60,000 km) warranty that works in tandem with GM's powertrain warranty.

The SC610 starts from US$54,920 with a new Camaro SS, or $16,995 as a package to add to existing cars.

Source: Callaway

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