Camera phones have come a long way in terms of resolution, but the pocket-sized form factor doesn't leave all that much room for improvement when it comes to lenses. These add-on Fisheye and Macro/Wide Angle lenses inject a little versatility into the equation by transforming your standard flat phone photos into wide and up-close images.

The diminutive lenses are designed to attach to any phone and promise a "sturdy, shake-free hold" using a magnetic ring with adhesive on one side that you stick around the existing lens (though we can see potential hiccups here if the surface around the lens on your particular phone isn't flat or is close to the edge).

The wide-angle lens is bound to be useful for capturing large crowds, concerts and landscapes and will increase your view range by approximately 40 per cent. When the same lens is set as a macro, you can really create close-up shots. The shot distance of the macro lens is between 10-23 mm.

The Fisheye lens creates curved edges with its 180 degree angle – so your images will look like you are peering through a fish bowl.

The Fisheye, Macro/Wide Angle camera phone lenses are available at and are priced between US$20-$40.

There's also a number of apps available which give iPhone owners looking to create the fisheye effect another (cheaper) option.


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