We first spotted the T-Rex way back in 2004, though the three-wheeler's development goes back much further. Then powered by a 1200cc motorbike engine for a 0-97 km/h sprint of 4.1 seconds and top speed of 225 km/h, the car/moto/trike mash up is now going all electric – with some help from Zero Motorcycles.

Campagna Motors has previously partnered with BMW and Harley Davidson to provide the ICE power for its T-Rex three wheeled road rippers, but has elected to join forces with Zero Motorcycles for its first charge into the electric vehicle market. Zero is using its industry-leading know-how to squeeze electric motors, Li-ion batteries and controllers into the chassis of the emissions-free T-Rex.

Beyond revealing that there is a prototype to show off, both companies are remaining tight-lipped about build details and performance specs, with Zero only teasing that the electric T-Rex "is an absolute thrill to drive."

We're guessing that all those batteries will make it a good deal heavier than the 525 kg (1,160 lb) of the current 16SP model, which features a BMW 1649cc inline six to get it from standstill to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 3.9 seconds. It will be interesting to see if the electric version improves on that acceleration time.

That all-electric vehicle is due to be unveiled at the Montreal Electric Vehicle Show later this month, where official photos and specs will be revealed. A more advanced prototype is planned for later in the year.