Campagna Motors’ family of side-by-side reverse trikes has a new addition. Joining the street legal T-REX 14 R, T-REX 14RR and V13R is the T-REX-16S. While the existing T-REX models are powered by a Kawasaki 1400 cc inline cylinder engine and the V13R gets its grunt from a Harley Davidson Liquid-cooled Revolution 60-degree V-Twin engine (the same used in the Harley Davidson V-Rod), the new 16S is powered by a BMW 1649 cc in-line 6-cylinder engine from BMW’s Motorrad division.

The BMW engine comes courtesy of a long-term strategic agreement the Quebec-based company recently signed with the BMW Group to supply motorcycle engines for its vehicles. The engine generates 160 hp at 7,750 rpm and 129 lb-ft of torque at 5,250 rpm, with the power directed via a six-speed sequential transmission to the chain-driven rear wheel.

As well as supplying the engine, BMW engineers also collaborated with Campagna on integrating the new engine and the transmission, new electronic systems and other components. As a result, the 16S boasts an advanced electric driving mode selector to adjust the grip to suit the driving conditions.

The dimensions of the 16S are identical to the other T-REX models, with a 2,286 mm (90 in) wheelbase, a total length of 3,500 mm (138 in), width of 1,981 mm (78 in) and height of 1,067 mm (42 in). It’s also hard to find many differences in the styling of the fiberglass body shell between the 16S and its T-REX brethren.

From the marine-grade waterproof seats, the driver and passenger can access the 180 W RMS Alpine audio system that includes iPod/iPhone/USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Campagna has even found room for an open glove compartment recessed in the dash, while removable and lockable side-cases provide 46 liters (12 US gal) of cargo capacity on each side of the vehicle, with additional cargo space under the hood.

Like Campagna’s other vehicles, the 16S is street legal to drive in most places in North America and in Japan, along with some other parts of the world. The vehicles haven’t been given EU certification, but Campagna says it is working to rectify this. Safety features include a crash-tested tubular chassis with roll-cage and 3-point safety belts.

The T-REX 16S will be available in a variety of color finishes and will available from June, 2013 in a limited edition. Pre-orders can be made from March 1st. Kawasaki- and Harley-Davidson-powered vehicles will continue to be a part of Campagna’s current and future model lineup.

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