Bombardier Recreational Products has had a remarkable success with its three-wheeled Can-Am Spyder since the roadster’s launch more than two years ago, and the big news is that the Spyder is to be developed into two streams – one for sports riding and one for touring. The existing GS model will now be designated the Spyder RS (roadster sport) and the new touring range will be designated Spyder RT (roadster touring). There’s also a new special edition Spyder RS-S model, with a host of additional features as standard, three RT models and a purpose-built 622 liter trailer.

Firstly, the RS-S comes in a limited edition color, Pearl White, has 6-spoke wheels, a special stitched seat, comes with its own travel bag, and can only be purchased with the semi-automatic SE5 transmission, and not the manual SM5 transmission.

The RT will come in three models: the RT, RT Techno and RT-S. The entire Can-Am Spyder RT roadster range will be powered by the Rotax 991 engine with Electronic Throttle Control optimized for touring, making it smoother and quieter, and with a broader mid-range with 80 pound foot of torque, compared to the normal engine’s 77 lb.-ft. The extra mid-range is at the expense of overall horsepower, with the RT motor dropping from 106 bhp to 100 bhp and maximum torque now at 5500 rpm. The engine is also now driving a 650W magneto to power all the additional electrics.

The ergonomics of the RT are far more upright for the rider and pillion than the RS models, and the windscreen can be adjusted electronically at the press of a button to ensure you find a comfortable position without wind roar and head buffeting at any speed. There’s a full complement of accessories normally found on a big touring motorcycle, including electronic cruise control, an electronic command center, and a color LCD screen which can be reconfigured at the press of a button to give you the information you’re seeking. Similarly, there’s more lighting aboard, LED turn lamps, and a new shaped-exhaust system.

All the RTs feature the same BOSCH-engineered Vehicle Stability System (VSS) as found in the Spyder RS roadster, which includes Anti-lock Brakes, Traction Control and Stability Control systems. The VSS, coupled with the inherent stability of the roadster’s ‘Y-architecture’ and overall ease of use reinvents riding for enthusiasts of all skill levels. The Spyder RT Techno comes with several additional features over the vanilla RT, including an integrated audio system with AM/FM radio and full iPod integration, not to mention the mandatory (for a motorcycle) speed compensation system which makes the audio louder the faster you go.

The Techno also gets heated passenger hand grips, which is a standard feature for the rider on all RT models. There’s also analog fuel and engine temperature gauges, an electronic front hood release to get to the additional front storage area.

The top-of-the-range RT-S comes with special edition trim, a premium audio package with extra speakers and features, electronically adjustable rear suspension with seven settings, and an auto leveling feature.

The RT also comes with an intercom, though you’ll need to purchase the optional color-matched and wired helmets to be able to use it – if you do, the whole thing is plug and play, so you can have a clear and uninterrupted conversation with your pillion between listening to the music.

Given the stability of having three wheels, the industry-first RT622 trailer package, which can be purchased as an option with the RT, provides an additional 622 liters (22 cu. ft) of storage, designed specifically for the Spyder RT roadster and significantly, it’s compatible with the vehicle’s stability system. Finally, BRP has done the whole job with the range, and there’s a complete range of accessories including travel baggage that fits snugly inside the luggage recesses, covers, clothing – it’s a fully featured range of optional creature comforts and clothing all color matched and beautifully fashioned to offer personalization to your tastes.

The Spyder RT roadster will be available for trial at authorized BRP dealerships this fall. Consumers currently have the option to pre-order Premiere Edition Spyder RT-S roadsters for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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