Collectors can grab themselves a piece of motorcycle history this month at Mecum Auctions, as long-distance world record holder and Cannonball Run champion Carl Reese puts his record-setting BMW K1600GT under the hammer.

In March last year, Californian madman Carl Reese strapped on a catheter, hopped on his BMW and pounded out an astounding 2,116.5 miles (3,406 km) in 23 hours around a lonely loop of tarmac in Texas to smash the world 24-hour distance riding record by a massive 93 miles (150 km) with a whole hour to go. He only stopped because he reached the end of his tire supply.

Unofficially, Reese also holds the highly illegal "Cannonball Run" record for solo motorcyclists, having knocked off the LA-to-New York run in 38 hours and 49 minutes on the same bike. So it's no ordinary Beemer going under the hammer at Mecum in Vegas in a couple of weeks.

The bike is tricked out with BST carbon rims with ceramic bearings, a Daylong seat, a lightweight lithium battery, Vstream windsdhield and an 8.5-gallon modular fuel cell. The K1600's outstanding self-leveling headlight is augmented with a monstrous 30,000 lumens of additional ClearWater driving lights. And it's got a cheeky laser/lidar blinder that no doubt made the Cannonball Run a lot less costly.

Reese is selling it with a bunch of official documentation, and has committed to donating 20 percent of all proceeds to the Motorcycle Relief Project, a charity Reese told us "raises money to take veterans suffering from PTSD out on motorcycle rides."

She's got a bit of mileage on her, this one, but they're mostly highway miles ...

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