Bloomington, Indiana-based firm Carpenter Owl recently completed a compact tiny house that's partly inspired by a family heirloom whisky still. Named Honey on the Rock after a whisky recipe, the towable dwelling is used as a vacation home and has an upper deck that features a vintage soaking tub.

The Honey on the Rock tiny house measures 22 ft (6.7 m)-long, 8.5 ft (2.6 m)-wide, and reaches a maximum height of 13.5 ft (4.1 m). It's clad in walnut with cedar trim and sports a sculpted roof section that's reminiscent of Zyl Vardos' work. Weight comes in at roughly 11,000 lb (5,000 kg).

The interior looks snug, even for a tiny house. Visitors enter into the kitchen, which has some decorative touches like wooden lamps, and exposed soldered copper water piping. It includes a cooktop, spice rack, fridge/freezer, and a copper sink. A small dining area for two is situated next to a window that opens to provide a link to another dining area outside on the deck.

The kitchen offers access to a snug bathroom with shower and composting toilet. Also nearby is a living room with a storage cabinet that contains a whisky still (which appears to be for ornamental use only). A wood-burning stove provides heating duties and a couch will soon be installed.

The tiny house's storage-integrated staircase leads to the loft bedroom, which has generous glazing, including porthole windows. Handily, a small hatch door offers direct access to the upstairs deck (the deck can also be reached by spiral staircase).

Out on the upper deck, Carpenter Owl has installed a folding table that seats four as well as the outdoor tub, allowing the owners to enjoy a soak under the stars, which sounds pretty pleasant if the weather's right.

The Honey on the Rock tiny house was commissioned by a client and cost roughly US$85,000.

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