CDSoft-R Cryptex: self-recorable media with automatic encryption

CDSoft-R Cryptex: self-recorab...
CDSoft-R Cryptex
CDSoft-R Cryptex
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CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex - screenshot
CDSoft-R Cryptex
CDSoft-R Cryptex
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November 30, 2007 Soft-R Research LLC has released an “all-in-one” self-recordable CD with the added bonus of a in-built encryption technology. The CDSoft-R Cryptex "digital safe box" integrates a simple recording wizard with the ability to automatically encrypt and secure your data, removing any trace of your files on the computer used by destroying all Temp files when the CD is removed.

“CD-R’s media are missing security and encryption”, said CEO of Soft-R Research LLC, Jean-Marc Pinson. “The need of encrypting and securing data on CD is today a reality and our CDSoft-R TM Cryptex is fully addressing that need”. Pinson also referred to the Darling case in England where two discs containing the personal information of 25 million people were sent by mail from one English government department to another but never arrived. Shame the poor junior responsible for the bungle did not have access to this technology.

How does it work at user level?The CDSoft-R Cryptex is a standard CD-R which integrates a very small and uncomplicated recording wizard. This pre-loaded media technology requires no installation procedure and allows you to safely encrypt and record your data in an uncomplicated, inexpensive and fast way: insert the CDSoft-R TM Cryptex, select your files, and then just click Record. The file is automatically encrypted and saved avoiding the need to search for the right program to set up and record your CD. Additionally you can safely use another PC and be assured that your secrets are safely contained.

Data stored on the CDSoft-R Cryptex can be read on any CD/DVD ROM reader/recorder with a password required to access files and modify them (CDSoft-R Cryptex includes a secured photo viewer). When finished, the CDSoft-R Cryptex updates and all temp files from the PC you have just used are wiped.

How does it work from the inside?The CDSoft-R Cryptex creates a single Safe file for the selected folders/files. The Safe file contains the encrypted data on the CD. The internal structure has an encryption control structure which uses the industry standard AES-256 bit in Cipher-Block Chaining mode (CBC) and a data part which is formatted following a fully Windows compliant FAT file system structure. The master keys are generated from the user password by a spread function of random data using a SHA-256 hashing algorithm. The maximum length of the user password is 64 byte, with special characters accepted and suggested. Finally, all the file data is blanked using a random function continuously variable over the entire file, ensuring that two identical data blocks will never be represented in the file with the same byte sequence.

System RequirementsCompatible with Microsoft Windows XP, 2000 and VISTA, requires a CD/DVD recorder, manufactured since 2000 that supports MMC commands.


  • 680 MB Free space
  • Multisession
  • Encrypt data on the fly
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Password (255 characters max)
  • Wipes temp and crypted files from your PC
  • AES 256 Bit (CBC) encryption algorithm
  • Verification of crypted and recorded data
  • Fuzzy logic recording engine
  • No software installation
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