CES 2006: space-saving PC inside keyboard

CES 2006: space-saving PC inside keyboard
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January 4, 2006 We’re not sure if this will become a trend or not but the closer you look at the Cybernet ZPC being shown for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show, the more it makes sense. The ZPC-9000 is a complete PC with a Pentium 4 CPU, LAN, and other PC parts inside a normal-size keyboard. While some of the benefits of this layout are obvious, such as the saving of space, a cleaner desktop and a significantly reduced number of cables, there are some additional clever features which make additional sense of the design. The ZPC-9000 uses just 120 Watt power supply compared with the usual 250-300 Watt power supplies used with a traditional PC.

Features include the latest Intel Pentium 4 HT processors up to 3.2GHz, up to 2GB of DDR-400MHz Memory, 1GB Ethernet LAN, 7-in-1 Card Reader, 2-Button touchpad, CD-RW/DVD and Fourth Generation Intel Extreme graphics controller. The ZPC-9000 also has a removable hard drive option and locking mechanism.

Cybernet will demonstrate its new ZPC-9000 at the CES show in Las Vegas at Booths Hilton Hotel #60094 and Sands Expo at #71271 as well as the Bellagio Hotel suite.

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