Chammock is a hammock chair aimed at hikers, campers and backpackers, all of whom have to be strict about the size and weight of the things they carry with them. The name is a portmanteau of chair and hammock, and it's a perfect description of how Chammock works.

Inspired by natives of the Philippines who knit bamboo into strong-yet-lightweight chairs, Chammock offers a simple, elegant solution to the problem of finding somewhere to sit. It's simple to assemble and can be strung between any two secure anchor points at least 120 cms (47 inches) apart. This includes trees, concrete posts, and boat masts.

The unique selling point is the size and weight of Chammock. When packed into its storage pocket, Chammock is smaller than an A5 book or iPad mini and at just 270 grams (9.5 ounces) weighs less than a regular can of Coke.

Chammock is made from ripstop nylon and comes with two lightweight aluminum carabiners. When in use two pockets are revealed, one designed to be filled with a spare item of clothing to form a pillow, the other designed to be used for storage.

The designers of Chammock are currently seeking funding through a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$65 will be rewarded with a hammock chair and two carabiners, while a pledge of $79 adds a set of tree-friendly straps (assuming it reaches production). Chammock can be shipped anywhere in the world, with the first deliveries estimated to arrive in December 2015.

The video embedded below shows Chammock in action, as well as how small and compact it is when packed away.

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