Part of owning a smartphone is purchasing accessories that go along with it. We need chargers, cases, and other devices to really complete the experience. A trend you can't help but notice in the mobile space is accessories that perform multiple functions, with the aim of cutting down on the amount of stuff we need to carry. ChargeDrive for iPhone and Android phones is one such device, pulling quadruple duty as a charger, tripod, stand and thumb drive.

The first goal that Idris Sunmola, the creator of the ChargeDrive, set out to achieve was building a charger that was easy to carry around without a long cable. Of course, a rigid charger of this nature is not optimal for all situations, such as when you want to hold your phone while it's charging. But for propping it up, ChargeDrive will come in handy.

Another useful function performed by this device is that the legs prop out so you can use it as a tripod. For video chat or taking photos, this should come in handy. It can also be used in the car as a sort of dashboard mount along with a DC power brick.

One of the legs features a microsuction pad, allowing users to mount their device in landscape mode for watching videos or doing anything where having a stable device would come in handy.

The last function offered here is a 16GB flash drive. Nothing fancy, but having some portable storage you can carry around along with your mobile charger could certainly prove to be useful.

Sunmola is seeking funding for his ChargeDrive on Kickstarter. It is still at the beginning of its funding period, but it has a great distance to go until it reaches its US$40,000 goal. Backers interested in receiving a device can do so for a minimum pledge of $39 while the early backer special lasts. Once those run out, the pledge jumps to $45. January of 2014 is the expected delivery period.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

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