General Motors has announced AeroVironment's EVSE-RS wall unit as the official home charger for the upcoming all-electric Bolt, promising a charge around five times faster than the regular wall plug.

California-based AeroVironment specializes in unmanned aircraft and electric vehicle charging systems, having worked with Nissan on the home charging station for the Leaf EV.

The EVSE-RS will be an official GM part, and buyers will be able to order it through their local Chevrolet dealership. The 32-amp Level 2 unit should be able to charge the Bolt around five times faster than the regular wall plug, which takes approximately 9 hours. The unit can also be used inside or outside, opening it up to EV owners who don't have a fully enclosed garages.

"Our broad array of EV charging solutions is helping to make EV ownership more efficient and practical, by offering convenient residential and workplace options for drivers who are looking to charge their EVs faster and more affordably," says Ken Karklin, Vice President and General Manager, Efficient Energy Systems at AeroVironment.

Having whipped the covers off the car at CES in January this year, Chevrolet released full performance specs at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit two weeks later. The Bolt has an estimated range of 238 miles (383 km) and a starting price of US$37,495 before government rebates.

Source: AeroVironment