Having set out a snooze-worthy pair of concepts in the leadup to SEMA, Chevrolet has finally found its mojo. The Colorado Z71 Hurley Concept has been designed with surfers in mind, and uses a clever bed liner to deal with all the wet, salty gear you could possibly throw at it.

The changes start inside, where the standard leather seats found in the 2017 Colorado have been fitted with covers made from "advanced ventiprene," a material similar to the neoprene that makes up most wetsuits. Chevrolet says it's breathable and quick drying, perfect for a sodden dash from beach to bar in boardshorts.

Down back, the truck bed has been completely redesigned to house all the gear you'd need for a weekend chasing the waves. There's a custom carrier to mount boards to the roof, and a custom cover over the bed providing shade for breaks between sessions. The Thule rack mounted in the bed is meant to serve as a wetsuit drying rack, too, although we're not sure how it's more effective than hanging the suit over the side of the bed.

Water bottles can be slotted into the side of the bed, and there's a lockbox hidden away in the rear bumper to hold phones, wallets and keys. You can even put the car keys in there, because the car comes with a water-resistant RFID bracelet that acts as a key when it's touched against the Bowtie badge on the nose.

Beyond the practical changes, Chevrolet has made a few subtle changes to the Colorado's styling. The Hurley Concept sits on a raised suspension, and has been finished off in a special shade of matte green. There are also off-road lights and a small snorkel fitted.

It looks good to our eyes, although it's still subtle by SEMA standards, especially when you see what Ford has done with its concepts.

SEMA runs between November 1 and 4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Source: Chevrolet

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