Chopper One - a ride fit for a President

Chopper One - a ride fit for a President
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October 29, 2005 Inventor and tireless innovator Eddie Paul was recently featured in Gizmag for his CircleScan camera, CEM engine and bionic shark, but deep down Eddie still loves his original work as a customiser and creator of motorcycles and cars. His latest project has just been completed and when we got our hands on images we thought you might be interested just because of the sheer audacity of the creation. It's a motorcycle powered by a 650 bhp 502 cubic inch Chevy V8 engine with twin superchargers and nitrous oxide injection.

Eddie says, "It should top out at about 300 mph and get about 6 mpg on the highway. It weighs about 1000 pounds, has straight pipes (no mufflers) and most importantly, it will get you home from the store before the ice cream melts."The Bike is called Chopper One as it's, "a ride fit for a president."

It was built in three weeks for the upcoming SEMA show in Las Vegas Nevada. Check out the images.

View gallery - 5 images
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