We uncovered lots of fantastic technology-driven innovations at NAMM recently, but as we saw with PocketStrings, not all good ideas are built around transistors. Chord Dice is another example. This clever songwriting and teaching tool dispenses with chord charts and books and hangs musical theory on the roll of the dice.

Part of learning to write a song is figuring out which chords sound good together. While experienced musos may be able to reel off all the chords in a particular key, beginners may find themselves constantly referring to charts in order to hit upon the right combination. The idea of Chord Dice is to distill this information onto the face of a die so that it's easy to learn the chords in a particular key. Even if you are not a beginner, there may be some inspiration to be had from rolling the dice.

Currently Chord Dice are available for US$12.95 in the key of G, with different (color coded) keys to follow. The company also has another product called Sugarcubes in the pipeline which deals with major and minor chord substitutes.