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Liebherr's ZKes 453 cigar storage unit

Liebherr's ZKes 453 cigar stor...
Liebherr ZKes 453 humidor
Liebherr ZKes 453 humidor
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Liebherr ZKes 453 humidor
Liebherr ZKes 453 humidor

September 12, 2008 Storing and maturing cigars successfully relies heavily on the regulation of air temperature and humidity, and the new ZKes 453 humidor from Liebherr achieves this using a stainless steel housing lined with Spanish cedar wood that incorporates sensitive electronic control system in conjunction with temperature and humidity sensors, all operated via an electronic SoftTouch panel.

Cigars are produced using high-quality tobacco varieties, combined and processed in ideal climatic conditions. For the best results, cigars mature for some time after production in special climate chambers at humidity of 68% to 75%.

Maintaining the appropriate humidity and keeping to a storage temperature of 16°C to 20°C are essential for preserving the quality or for aging cigars. Insufficient humidity is detrimental to their aroma and quality and if the humidity is too high there is a risk of mold forming on the leaves.

Temperature and humidity are indicated on the display of the ZKes 453's electronic unit and a door and temperature alarm alerts the user to an open door. An integrated water tank holds up to 1litre of distilled water and the humidity sensors regulate the water requirement and ensure that the humidity is kept to exactly the selected degree, depending on the environment and on the frequency with which the door is opened. A forced-air system ensures that the humidity level and temperature is even throughout the interior.

Incorporated in the humidor is a replaceable activated charcoal filter to ensure ideal air quality and the interior of the humidor is lined with Spanish cedar wood as it has a high humidity absorption capacity and steadily gives off moisture to its surroundings. Three shelves with a 39 liter capacity offer room for storing boxed cigars and a removable presentation box with organizer for storing loose cigars. The stainless steel housing features a glazed door with UV protection and a built-in lock.

Finally, and importantly, LED lighting with a dimming function ensures a perfect view of the cigars.

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